Privacy Policy

Version 3.0

Effective Date: February 8, 2024

Thank you for choosing Tartarus Games! We know that the safety of your personal data is important to you. We prepared this Privacy Policy (further referred to as the “Policy”) to ensure that you can learn and understand how we collect, store, and process your personal data when using our web and mobile games, websites, and supplementary services (such as support portal), which we collectively refer to in this document as “Services”.

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy, and will post an update in our Services, giving you the opportunity to either agree or disagree with an updated version of it.

The latest version of this Policy is always available here:

In case after reading this Policy you have any questions about your personal data protection, or if you have any requests for resolving issues with your personal data, please feel free to contact us or our Data Protection Officer by the contacts below:

H.K Tartarus Technology Limited (further referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”)

Address: Room B3,19/F Tung Lee Commercial Building,91-97 Jervois Street,Sheung Wan,Hong Kong


Data Protection Officer


Address: Room B3,19/F Tung Lee Commercial Building,91-97 Jervois Street,Sheung Wan,Hong Kong

Before reading any further consider this:

  1. By accepting the Terms and this Policy, you acknowledge and confirm that you have reached the age required to enter into a binding agreement in the country of your residence.
  2. We do not collect data from persons who are obviously under the age of 18 and do not allow such persons to use our Services without the proper consent of a legal representative. If you have not reached the specified age, you are obliged to provide permission from one of your parents or legal guardians in the form and manner required by the local legislation of the country of your residence.
  3. If you have not reached the minimum age required to consent to the collection and processing of personal data, and you do not have the proper consent of a legal representative, do not send us any information about yourself, including your name, address, phone number, email.
  4. If we become aware of the use of the Services by anyone under the age of 18, we will ask for confirmation of the consent of the legal representative. Without such consent we will terminate one’s access to the Services and delete any related personal data as soon as practically possible.
  5. In case you are a parent or a legal guardian and consider granting permission to use our Services to a person under the age of 18, we encourage you not to do so.

What personal data we collect and why

We may collect personal data from the following sources:

  1. You - data you provided us while using our Services or communicating with us.
  2. Your Device - data we collect automatically from the device you use to access our Services (may require your additional consent);
  3. Services - data we automatically collect about your usage of our Services;
  4. External Sources - data we receive from third-party providers, for example, when you log in to our Services with your Google or Apple accounts.

Note that we may also collect other personal data that you choose to give us directly, such as any information you provide about yourself during communication with our support team.  

The purposes of the data collection can be of the following nature:

  1. Provision of Services – to ensure we can provide you with the Services in the first place;
  2. Analytics – to ensure we can analyze the usage of Services to track and eliminate errors, provide suitable content, develop and improve Services;
  3. Security & Safety – to ensure we can maintain a safe and friendly environment and combat unlawful or prohibited behavior in our Services, such as cybercrimes, cyberbullying, fraud, hate speech, harassment.
  4. Legal Requirements – to ensure we as a company comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  5. Marketing (may require your additional consent) – to enable marketing of our Services;
  6. Promotion (may require your additional consent) – to display you advertisement of third-party product or services that may be of interest to you.

Below you can find categories of data we may collect with examples and indications of sources and purposes:

  1. Contact information

Such as name, nickname, date of birth, email address, profile picture.

Sources: You, External

Purposes: Provision of Services

  1. External Accounts Identifiers

Such as your Google Play ID, Apple Game Center ID, Facebook ID should you choose to connect one of these accounts to your account with us.

Sources: You

Purpose: Provision of Services

  1. Messages in the Service

Such as your in-game chat or mail messages, support tickets (messages).

Sources: You, Services

Purposes: Provision of Services, Security & Safety

  1. Services Usage Data

Such as your in-game progress, time you spent on certain in-game activities, gameplay data, history of your interactions with other players, acquisition of in-game items and similar data.

Sources: Services

Purposes: Provision of Services, Analytics, Marketing, Promotion

  1. Hardware and Software Data

Such as your device manufacturer’s name and model, operating system type and version, browser type and version, device and browser primary languages, your wifi connection status (on/off), screen resolution, and similar parameters.

Sources: Your Device

Purposes: Provision of Services, Analytics, Marketing, Promotion

  1. Connection and Device Identifiers 

Such as name of your cellular network provider and carrier, IP address, device ID, IMEI;

Sources: Your Device, External Sources

Purposes: Provision of Services, Analytics, Marketing, Promotion

  1. Analytics and Advertising Identifiers 

Such as gpsAdid, Idfv / Idfa.

Sources: Your Device

Purposes: Analytics, Marketing, Promotion

  1. Location Data

Such as your timezone, designated market area, country, region, state city, and postal code based on your IP address;

Sources: Your Device, External Sources

Purposes: Analytics, Marketing, Promotion

  1. Payment and Order History

Such as information about your payments to and orders in our Services made through Facebook, Google, Apple, and other platforms or payment services providers (if applicable), as well as information about refunds and/or charge backs made in relation to such previous payments.

Note that we neither collect nor store your bank account or credit card details.

Sources: External Sources

Purposes: Provision of Services, Analytics, Legal Requirements, Marketing, Promotion

With whom we may share your data

We may share your personal data with the following categories of third-parties:

  1. Technical and customer support providers who assist us in the provision of the Services;
  2. Hosting, Software, and Software-As-A-Service providers which host the relevant personal data on our behalf;
  3. Payment service providers who assist us in collection of payments to our Services;
  4. Analytical services that help us develop and improve the Services, manage and collate reviews, monitor technical errors and general condition of our Services, combat fraud (for example, advertisement fraud);
  5. Online advertising platforms and agencies that we use to carry our marketing campaigns of our Services, or to display promotions of other products or services inside our Services, that may be of interest to you.
  6. Service providers that we engage to perform services on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.
  7. Professional advisers such as solicitors, accountants, tax advisors, auditors, and insurance brokers;
  8. Courts, law enforcement and other government authorities, which may be required to investigate, prevent, or act regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, violation of our intellectual property rights, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violation of our Policies or Terms of Use or other agreements, or as required by law.
  9. Our affiliates, partners, and shareholders as we may be required for engaging them in the provision of the Services or reporting purposes.

Below you can find the list of our partners and service provides as well as the links to their respective Privacy Policies:

  1. Apple: 
  2. Google: 
  3. Facebook (Meta): 
  4. TikTok: 
  5. Adjust: 
  6. Firebase: 
  7. IronSource 
  8. AppsFlyer: 
  9. Zendesk:
  10. Slack: 
  11. Asana: 
  12. Atlassian: 
  13. Google Ads: 
  14. Applovin: 
  15. AdColony: 
  16. Moloco: 
  17. Unity Ads: 
  18. Vungle (LiftOff): 
  19. Mintegral: 
  20. Chartboost: 
  21. Digital Turbine: 
  22. Snapchat: 
  23. Huawei:

When sharing your personal data with third-parties we ensure that they are both contractually obliged to keep your data confidential and will comply with relevant data protection laws, including GDPR.

We never sell or trade your personal data.

How long we store your personal data

We retain your personal data for as long as you use our Services and for up to 12 years afterwards, unless you request your data deletion as explained below.

How your data is protected

To ensure that your personal data is safe with us we are maintaining, developing, and implementing security measures in various fields of our work. Here are some of the measures in place:

  1. Administrative measures and safeguards such as limited access to personal information for our employees, confidentiality agreements, pseudonymization or aggregation of data transferred to third-parties (where applicable), briefings on personal data usage and protection.
  2. Technical security measures and safeguards such as access restriction to certain IP addresses, two-factor authentication, data encryption during storage and transmission.
  3. Physical security measures and safeguards such as physical access restriction to the equipment that can access personal data in both our offices and data centers.

On a regular basis we do back-ups and utilize data integrity algorithms that are required to prevent loss, corruption, or alteration of your data.

We also encourage you to follow some simple step to ensure that your personal data is safe:

  1. Never provide access to your accounts with our Services to other people;
  2. Remember that we will never request your accounts with our Services;
  3. Never use third-party programs or apps to access our Services;
  4. Never purchase in-game values or accounts with our Services from third parties.

How you can control your data

You have a right to access, manage, and remove your personal data that we keep about you.

  1. Access your personal data

You can receive a copy of all data that we know about you by sending a request to It takes us up to 30 days to collect, prepare, and send you the requested data.

  1. Remove your personal data

In general to delete your personal data you can contact, identify the particular Service you want us to delete your data from and your account.

For Tartarus Games/Calibira players: 

If you wish to remove your personal data from the game, you can use in-game functionality to do so. Tap: Menu > Settings > Help and Support > Delete Account, and follow the instructions.

It may take up to 30 days to fully delete your data from our systems.

Note that if you request to delete your data, you will lose access to your in-game progress, including your purchases, in-game chat and mail messages. If you start using our Services again in the future, we won’t be able to restore your data and progress.

  1. Limit or revoke our access to your data from external sources

If you have Google, Apple, Facebook or other online platform accounts connected to our services you can revoke our access to the data we receive from such platforms about you. For that you shall follow the instructions on each platform separately:

  1. Limit or revoke our access to your device data

If you access our Services from a mobile device, you can always limit our access to your device data and revoke active permissions:

  1. Change your personal data

You may determine which data shall be associated with your account with our Services. In some cases you can change your data right inside our services, such as email, nickname, profile picture. In some cases you will need to send a request to to amend it, providing identification of the particular Service and your account.

In order to prevent unauthorized access and management of our users’ data we require verification each time you send us a request to access, change, or delete any personal data. Verification may include providing our support agent with a verification code sent inside the Services, completing certain actions inside the Services, or providing information about recent activities and payments in the Services. We will refuse to fulfill your request if we fail to verify you as the data owner.

How you can control communications from us

From time to time we may send you communication about our Services that we think may be of interest to you. We do it only in case you chose to provide us with your email and agreed to receive such communications.

At any time you may opt-out of receiving any marketing communications from us. Each marketing communication is supplied with an “unsubscribe” link. Follow the link and the instructions after.